• salam rakan2...kepada peminat game PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER, Konami telah pon mengeluarkan keluaran terbaru PES yang dinamakan PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2009..

    aku ngah layan game ni jgak la...beza dgn PES 2008, kualiti PES2009 lebih baik...puas hati jgak la...sbb nampk pgerakan nya lebih realistik...

    mari kita baca same2 apa Features PES2009 kali ini:

  • Exclusive UEFA Champions League mode, utilising all the elements and attributes of the competition (seventh generation and PC versions only)
  • Improved graphics
  • With smarter AI system your team mates will be constantly seeking out open space, taking intelligent lines toward the goal and on defence and also actively calling for the ball .
  • New, more realistic camera angles
  • New teams, players and stadiums
  • Improvements to the Master League Mode – Play as one playe
  • New Become a Legend Mode and online playable Legends Mode
  • Updated rosters from clubs and national teams
  • Using a supported USB camera, import data to create your own player or team emblems
  • Great improvements in ball control, passing and your team-mates reactions are more in tune with how team-mates react in real LED hoardings (seventh generation and PC versions only
  • Free updates, to be downloaded within the game, provided by Konami to cover recent transfers.

(ambilan daripada (

kepada sesiapa di luar sane yang nak update PES2009, korang bleh masuk kat sini :

selamat mencuba!!!!

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